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Milton Real Estate Agents: A Perfect Choice for Homebuyers

$289 million this year to improve regional roads!
Milton real estate agents (such as Adrian Trott from KormandyTrott have been busy with a growing city on their hands.  The stable economic conditions in Milton such as job growth, population growth, coupled with low mortgage rates and improved roads and infrastrucutre are driving the housing market. Add an increase in the average weekly pay and you find these things combined are good indicators that new to the market home buyers are in a good position to purchase their first homes. The cost of the ownership is lower and the resale home prices […]

House Pool Requirements in Milton, Ontario, Canada

For those who want to purchase a home in Milton, Ontario that likes to put a swimming pool within it, there are certain requirements and guidelines that you need to follow.   Abiding by these guidelines help in making sure that the installation of your swimming pool at home is safe and have met the requirements set by the municipality.

Responsibilities of the Pool Owner

Prior to Installing the Swimming Pool

Adrian Trott says that you, along with the contractor, need to be provided with a permit which supports the enclosure of the pool fence as well as the pool’s location. The Application […]