Finding Agents:

Finding a local real estate agent in your neighbourhood is quite an easy task.  All you need to do is enter the city or postal code or the real estate agents name and we’ll search out the top real estate agents in that neighbourhood.

  1. Highest rated agents are always listed at the top of the list.
  2. Their rating is going to be shown with a number in the top right corner of their picture.
  3. Rating scores are done out of 100%.  The higher their ranking is to 100% the better they will appear to be with

Top Agents

When you search for an agent, you’ll find all the agents who rank the highest in their ratings come first, followed by those who are ranked lower. When you are selecting an agent, be sure to source out at least the top three to find out more about them and what exactly they can do for you.

Contacting An Agent

Contacting an agent is easy. Just hit the contact button on each of the agent’s pages and your information will be sent directly to them! It’s that easy!